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Automatic sorting of RT tickets

This blog post is a walkthrough of, a small Python 3 script that uses the Request Tracker (RT) API to automatically sort RT tickets into different queues based on information in the email text as well as context information from the Alma API. The script barely touches upon the possibilities of automating RT processing, but demonstrates how we can automate a small, yet tedious real-world task. … (Read More)

Alma letters & slips under version control

We’ve published our Alma letters & slips and a script for synchronizing them with Alma at GitHub. This post provides some background on how we’re working with the files at the University of Oslo Library. … (Read More)

Alma batch scan-in with Python

Some way we ended up in a situation with a few thousand items stuck with status ‘in transit’ in Alma. Manually having to scan-in all the items was out of question. Scan-in API to the rescue! … (Read More)

Ex Libris and JSON – not BFF

I’m exploring the growing number of APIs at Ex Libris Developer Network. While JSON is supported, as you would expect from any modern API, it seems like it’s threated a second class citizen to the extent that you might not want to use it – at least not with the Bib API… it’s possible that the situation is better for other APIs. … (Read More)

Playing with the Alma APIs

Hoot hoot – the Alma train is coming, so we should jump on and get familiar with the APIs it bring. Our ticket is an API key to Developers Network, and to get it you should send an email to Bibsys (or just ask me if you’re at UBO). … (Read More)

Getting book descriptions from Worldcat – an attempt

Our starting point is an ISBN number from our own catalogue, 0226668002. To get from there to Worldcat we’ve been using OCLC’s xISBN API. While the service is really useful, it’s not really open data – it’s limited to non-commercial use and 1000 requests a day. Could we do without it? … (Read More)